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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Should I sign up for a Property Tax Appeal?
A. Circumstances are different for each homeowner. If you know your home is over-assessed, the answer is yes. If you are unsure, we can help you look into it.

Q. If we win the appeal, when will I see my savings?
A. In some cases, you may see them in the forth quarter of the appeal. In all cases, you will see your savings no later than the following tax year.

Q. Will my assessment go up if we are denied?
A. If our appraiser determines that your property is under-assessed we will advise you before proceeding to a hearing.

Q. How long is the savings period?
A. One of the advantages of filing a tax appeal is even if the county commissioner determines your assessment is correct and that there is no reduction, your current assessment will be frozen for a period of three years. Of course if your assessment is lowered, it will remain lowered for that same three year period.

Q. How much do I owe if we lose or drop the appeal?
A. On a contingency fee plan, you owe nothing if we are not successful. However, the county will not refund your filing fee.